Student Ambassador

London, London, United Kingdom

Be a friendly, engaging positive representation for Generation Success
Promote Generation Success and the premium membership on campus through social media, events and your own initiatives
Recruit more Student Ambassadors
Help out at Generation Success events
Willing to work closely with other Student Ambassadors
Supervise other ambassadors when appropriate.


You must be reliable

You must be enthusiastic.

Ability to communicate effectively

Willing to work in a team of your peers as well as to work independently


Valuable work experience demonstrating teamwork, independent working and Leadership.

To be part of a movement that you believe in

Get exclusive access to a mentor.

Networking opportunities with industry professionals

Reference Letters from Generation Success for your contribution

Development of your skills in a supportive environment

Entry into all of our events

Autonomy - you get to decide what to do, when you do it and where

Become part of a friendly team that shares your passion and values

Job Types: Volunteer

Report to: Community Manager

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